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Pneumatic Equipment Bearings

> Pneumatic Equipment

> Bearings

Valves, Electro-valves, Pneumatic cylinders, Guides, Flow regulators, Any accessories, Others.
Supports, Bearings with balls, Bearings with cylinders, Bearings with cones, Auto-aligned bearings, Join balls, Others.
Linear guides transporting belts
> Linear Guides
> Transport Belts and Plates
Linear guides (loop of balls), Linear screw guides (loop of balls), Supports, Any accessories, Others.
Standard transporting belts, Special transporting belts, Guided transporting belts, Toothed transporting belts, Transporting plates, Poly-cords, Others.
Transmission Equipment Transmission Belts
> Transmission Equipment
Cardanic shafts and universal joints, Elastic joints, Rephasers, Angle boxes, Clutches, Any accessories, Others.
Trapezoid belts, HTD belts, Toothed belts, Flat belts, Rounded belts, Others.
Mechanical Parts Chains
> Mechanical Parts
> Chains
(commercial or tailor made)
Gears, Pulleys, Toothed rods, Taper-lock sprockets, Locking assemblies, Couplings, Taper bushes, Knives, Anvils, Undervacuum cylinders, Others.
Uni, Asa, Flayer, For transport, For transmission, Any accessories, Others.
Speed Reducers Motors
> Speed Reducers
> AC/DC Motors
Endless screw reducers, Gear reducers, High precision reducers, Special reducers, Gear boxes, Any accessories, Others.
Mono-phased motors, Tri-phased motors, Bi-polar motors, Special motors, Any accessories, Others.
Electronic Equipment Regulators
> Electronic Equipment
> Regulators
Inverters, Brushless, Vectorial motors, Programmable logical, Control (PLC), Electronic cards and softwares, Any accessories, Others
Thermo-regulators, Potentiometers, Encoders, Photocells, Any accessories, Others.
Cutters and Rollers Tailor Made Parts
> Tailor Made Parts
(upon design)
(upon design)