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SANIPRO staff is composed of high level and skilled professionals who have over 10 years experience in the commercial activity of industrial spare parts. Thus, our Spare parts are selected with attention.

SANIPRO staff aims at providing a first quality service with technical assistance and consulting services to its clients.

SANIPRO provides high quality spare parts for the industry at very competitive prices.

We also provide parts on measures and adapted on customer design (Those parts can be manufactured of different materials upon your requirement).

Being constantly aware of the fast evolutions of the market, we are able to anticipate changing trends by providing the best innovations, using state of the art technology available on the market.

Experience and high quality products are key elements on which SANIPRO has developed itself and built its notoriety.

Spare parts services for the supply of:

Mechanic, pneumatic, electric, electronics, automates, transmission and transporting belts, bearings, thermo elements, fan, pump, guides, spindles, aligners, sensors…
Special mechanical parts on measure and made on customer design.
Treatment services (rubber coating, plasma coating, ceramic, vulkolan, etc…).
Glue equipment, tank, hoses, and nozzles.
Mill (shaft, rotors, hammers, anvil .
Rotary Dies, press, rollers, crimpers and cutters of any type.
Re-sharpening services.
Moulds for drums forming.

We insist on the fact that we only supply first quality products!