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Isoran RPP Timing Belts

RPP belt

The RPP belt with the new parabolic profile has teeth thicker than standard belts of comparable pitch; this characteristic and the "bulkiness of the teeth allow both an appreciable increase in power transmission as well as a reduction in interference between belt and pulley during mesh. The indentation at the top of the tooth results in an increased local elastic flexibility of the tooth during mesh.

The permits:
> easier air discharge;
> reduced noise level.

The new parabolic tooth profile, and the reduced interference during mesh allow:
> reduced noise level;
> greater resistance to tooth jump;
> improved power capability;
> improved shear stress resistance.

RPP PLUS Timing Belts
RPP Plus belt

These belts are particularly recommended for high torque drives where:
> an increase of up to 100% belt load can be achieved using the same sized pulleys;
as for RPP belts. Alternatively, a consequent reduction in pulley width can be obtained;
> the same pulleys used for RPP system, can be used maintaining functional
interchangeability with other deep profile system;
> the life of exisiting system can be improved without changing the pulleys;
> noise can be reduced.

RPP PANTHER Timing Belts
RPP Panther belt

Uses the same quiet, parabolic tooth profile and tooth indentation which has already provide to be hughly effective for RPP drive belts;
The same pulleys used for RPP system can be used maintaining functional interchangeability with other deep profile systems up to 100 pulley teeth;
The RPP panterdrive provides an operating efficiency of approxlmately 98%;
Increased power capacity allows to the sign smaller, more compact drives using smaller pulley diametres and reduced face widths;
The smooth, precision ground, neoprene rubber backing of RPP panther belt ideally suitable to use an external idler.

Available in 8 and 14mm pitch.

RPP DD Double Sided T.B.
RPP Double sided

ISORAN DD belts are characterized by a double-sided toothed structure that allows synchronism from both sides of the belt.

ISORAN DD belts allow:
> The use of a single belt to drive a series of pullrys which traditionally required more then one belt;
> Contra-rotation of internal and external pulleys without altering the synchronism;
> Better use of the space available;
> Reduced weight of the drive in comparison to the application using the standard timing belt.

ISORAN DD Double Sided T.B.
Isoran DD

belts are available in:
parabolic profile:
> RPP 5
> RPP 8
> RPP 14

reinforced parabolic profile:
Plus 8
> Plus 14

trapezoidal profile:
XL (pitch 1/5)
> L (pitch 3/8")
> H (pitch, 1/2")

ISORAN Timing Belts
Isoran Timing Belts

The most prestigious belt for power transmission. It is a flexible gear system with the precision of a cogwheel due to all of these characteristics.

ISORAN transmission allow:
> synchronous drives;
> constant and high angular speeds;
> excellent mechanical efficiency;
> dimension stability;
> resistance to high and intermittent overloads;
> silent running;
> low lifting tension;
> no lubrication or maintenance.

ISORAN belts are available in eight different pitches: MXL, XXL, XL, L, Ht, H, XH and XXH.

Polyurethane belts

Belt structure:
a) Polyurethane body;
b) Tension member in Kevlar or steel cord.

The ISORAN "P.U." belts are available in:
Metric pitch T2,5,T5,T10,AT5,AT10 and standard profile MXL,XL,L.

> design feature:
> high drive elfficiency;
> compact layout;
> higher belt linear speed (up to 80 m/sec.);
> wide operating temperature trange;
> good chemical resistance to oils, petrol and ozone;
> very clean surface during the use.

RPP GREEN POWER Polyuretane Parabolic Timing Belts
Polyurethane parabolic belts

The RPP Polyurethane timing belt drive repasents the most up to date and efficient power and linear transmission system.
The profile is the same as RPP rubber construction and allows the belt to run on RPP pulleys.
It is also possible to keep interchangeability with other drive systems available on the market.

The RPP Polyurethane GREEN POWER is available in:
RPP 3, RPP 5, RPP8 and RPP14 with the following types:
endless, endless long length and open ended belts.

OLEOSTATIC Conventional V-Belts
Oleostatic belts

They are produced in A, B, C, D, E sections in a range of 500 lengths.
The manufacture ot OLEOSTATIC belts has been made possible by the use of new
high tensile fibers,
> improved manufacturing processes and strict Quality Control to ensure:
> high performance;
> minimun elongation;
> antistatic properties;
> oil resistance.

Superflex belts

They are produced in 3L, 4L, 5L sections according to the American RMA-MPTA standard.
SUPERFLEX belts solveof minimum the problems of minimum available space and high drive ratios,
characteristics of FHP drives.

Their high grip, low operating stretch and flexibility allow:
> frequent reversal of direction without appreciable slip;
> small arc of contact with pulley;
> reduction of pulley diameters;
> elimination of tensioning device.