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Aquarium and ornamental basin

Our range of sterilizers treat from 0.5 to 500 m³/h and play the function of clearer and guarantee a healthy water for the respect and the health of the aquatic fauna and flora.

Prevention of air transmission disease (i.e. legionnaire disease)

In big buildings with central A/C or in the sanitized hotl water network, the sterilizers adapted with flow rates and with the temperature can secure all the installations from disease spreadings.

Surface treatment

On request our design department will concept some specific reactors that will answer to the industry needs (agro-aliment, food processing, medical, pharmaceutics, cosmetic, etc..)

Snow gun
snow gun

Assembled on snow gun, the UV sterilizers guarantee the good functioning of the machines and as well the safety from pollution (bacteria, virus, algae) of the underground spring waters and of the ground, at the time of melting of snow.

Nuclear Central

In order to maintain water deprive of algae and microorganism without the use of corrosive chemical products.

Boat & desalinization plant

Used for desalt plant and systems and as well for inverse osmoses system (UV protect the membranes from the micro-organism aggressions).

The range

Today, we have built many types of sterilizers. The sterilizers in INOX 316L or in PEHD (special plastic for corrosive environment) are capable lo treat from 0.2 up lo 2000 m³/hour (soon up to 4000 m³/h). Built with lamps of the latest technology (low pressure lamps - high intensity - "amalgame" - from medium to high pressure...), electronic ballast, flow organization, they guarantee an optimal efficiency at the requested flow rate for each type of application. Are as well available some optional and auxiliary equipment:

  • Selective UV sensor for the measurement of the radiation
  • Control of the lamp intensity modification with alam
  • Manual or automatic cleaning of the quarts casing
  • Specific input and output (even tailor made)
  • Automatic regulator of the pH, tH and TAC
  • Additional chemical products (as active oxygen, choc..)
  • etc
lamp operational

All our UV sterilisers are equipped with an indicator showing the operating status of the UV lamps.
Our electrical units can be fitted with a red light to indicate lamp defects and a dry contact to communicate the fault.

uv intensity

Our reactors can be equipped with a selective UV sensor at 254 nm. The sensor is connected either to:
- an LEO display monitor and dry contact for communicating thè informatori,
- an LCO UV intensity display monitor with 4-20mA output for remote management.

lamp life duration

Our electrical units are equipped with a digitail hour counter with reset function. The end of a lamp's working life is indicated by visual display and a dry contaci ts available to the UV control monitor.


Joints Brides, Clamp, SMS...
Emptying Standard or flame sterilized valves
Finish Electro-polishing