3 Hammer mill model HM01 type cheVron
3a 20 Screenless Disc Mill mod CDM
5a Loose in weight SAP applicator
6 Single fluff pad drum forming mod.DFX-S-5-1
9 Pad cutting unit
13 Full automatic Unwinding stand
15 Elastic Waist Band application unit
16a Barrier leg cuff application section
17 frontal tape unit
18 Tape tabs application system
19a Elastic Spools unwinding Station
22 Rotary die poly non woven shaping Station
25 Cross Bi Tri folding unit
36 Automatic counting stacking machine baby adult diapers
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Bag sealing machine
Bag sealing machine
Bag sealing machine
  With its robust design the StarSeal is the right solution for simple and efficient bag closing of bags filled with products such as:

Baby diapers
Adult products
Light incontinence products
Sanitary napkins and panty shields
Toilet or kitchen rolls
Small bags for samples / promotion


Modular design for flexible equipment setup and product specific requirements:

1- Offline sealer plug & play
2- Simple and reliable operation
3- Manual loaded
4- Electrical motor controlled movements
5- Sealing station for quality bag seal
6- Integrated trim removal
7- Easy changeover to various product sizes
8- Operator friendly