sanipro machinery cards
  Sales condition:

ex-works "as is, where is".
Upon request, we offer our services for dismantling, loading, shipping, refurbishing, upgrading, assembling, training and start-up.
Delivery time:

Immediate availability
Payment terms:

30% at the order and balance at delivery or L/C
Please communicate us the machines of your choice in the hereunder list in order to receive our offer and further details

In case of real interest in the second hand machines selected by us, we could organize a visit.
Click on the machine name to see specifications

In discussion Nuova Red n/a n/a 150pcs/min
Sold JOA 2003 250 pcs per min
available GDM 2007 250 pcs per min
Available fameccanica FIU SERIAL921025004003 1990 110 pcs/min
Available DRYTEX A.BS.U.100 1993 90 PCS/MIN
Available DELTA 2005 400pcs/min
available Fameccanica 460 pcs/min
Available Fameccanica 1999 250-300 pcs per min
In discussion Fameccanica Disc 20 2002 350 pcs per min
Available MODO CONVERTING MACHINERY MD-E 1987 270 psc/min
Available diatec B350 1997 350
available Nuova Red 85-S-ST 1985 220 pcs per min
available diatec futura200 1995 300pcs per min
Available HES 2005 250 ppm
In discussion JOA J4-M 2009 420-480
Available GDM B-B-333 2003 320 pcs./min.
Available Fameccanica Profit 2060 1997 250 pcs./min.
Available Pannolini 50 IM 2015 50ppm
Available diatec futura 2003 350 pcs/min
available fameccanica
In discussion Fameccanica FNL 1987 300
In discussion MODO 1987 1987 350 PADS/MINUTE
Available tekma 1995 350 pcs/min
available CCE-sanimac 800 pcs/min
Available Nordson-Meltex-Dynatec-Di any any any
Available Nordson
available and reconditioned nordson AT
In discussion fameccanica revi 350 pcs/min
Available fameccanica 2012 400
Available GDM nd 2007 300 lm/min
Available GDM 2007 200 lm/min
Available SANIMAC PWC100 2017 100kg per hour
Available Gevas GmbH GCP400 2003 300pcs per min
Available fameccanica
available ITI
Available diatec 10 2003
In discussion TEKMA -reconditioned with independent transmis 1991 20 cycles/min
In discussion Amotek PB127 1996 25
In discussion Optima
In discussion alpha system sca 200 pa 2007 25-30 cycles per min
Available JOMET Oy SCA packaging 2003 15 cycles per min
Available jomet oy SCA packaging 2001 15 cycles per min
Sold AMOTEK PB-128-DX 2001 25 cycles per min
Available Gevas GmbH VHP-W726 1995 25 cycles per min
Available MoDo 250 pcs per min
Sold VIRE CAR+ROR-W 2005 80cycles
Available Optima LBX 4 1999 60 bags/minute