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pocket soap

That is the line created by Sanipro that proposes
pocket soaps. These products are cheap and disposable: every sheet of soap is correspondent to one wash that have antiseptic function and leave hands, face and body pleasantly perfumed. The packaging is of various forms, colors and quantity of soaps'sheets: rectangular, round or ergonomic; with a big choice of colors and, according to the models, different quantities of soaps' sheet (10, 20, 50 pcs per cover).
Characteristics and advantages
In the pocket soap line, products are presented in a modern and light plastic package with a big range of colors agreeable to the taste of most users.
Everybody can use these products, without any limitation.
They are cheap, practical, disposable and absolutely no voluminous.

Use of our Pocket Soap "savon de poche"

Draw out a sheet of soap with dry hands.
Put the sheet of soap in the palm of the hand and add water.
The thin layer of soap comes into contact with water and generate a soft lather that can be used for hands, face, body and as well as a brushless shaving cream.
This lather cleans deeply and, in few seconds, leave the skin pleasantly perfumed.
Just one sheet of soap is sufficient quantity for an individual wash.


Providing you the freedom to wash your hands anywhere, anytime...

Take out one soap sheet
with dry hands.

Place in palm of hands
and soak with water.

Work into rich lather
while soap sheet dissolves.
Rinse thoroughly.